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The countries whose citizens are required to obtain a Schengen visa in order to enter one of its member countries are listed in the following section.

The citizens of the countries of the Schengen Zone as well as the citizens of the countries that don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen zone are however not allowed to reside in the traveling destination for the time desired without any other legal permission.

Varter herself was abducted by a man who promised to save her - but raped her instead.

Eventually, she was released to mourn her lost family, the victims of Europe's forgotten holocaust.

Several of their monasteries and churches are bewildering UNESCO World Heritage Sites—all enjoyed minus the endless lines that plague European tourist traps.

Its religious structures are mostly on prime real estate—analogous to where America created its ultimate national parks and resorts.

The two youngest were thrown to their deaths down a mountainside by Turkish guards; the other four starved to death at the bottom of a well where they had hidden to escape.

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Otherwise, any person, regardless of nationality (always a citizen of the Schengen Zone member countries) is able to cross the international borders without any border checks.

However, regarding the non-members of the Schengen Area there is a mandatory visa requirement to enter the Schengen Zone for some countries.

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