Dating swr amplifiers

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(Black/chrome) 2005 - Working Pro combos replace the Workingman's combos.(Black/chrome) Please note: The following "Vintage" models are completely sold out and SWR no longer stocks the parts required to build them.For some reason the ability to get all the boom of the big rigs into a small package has escaped some builders.Granted, the legendary Ampeg B-15 “fliptop” may be an exception but it was still not designed to cover all musical situations. Rabe introduced an amp that would revolutionize the bass world with its good amount of power and full range sound.Setting the switch to the (right) "OFF" position defeats the tweeter (removes the tweeter from the circuit).Tweeter Protection Circuit The Workingman's 4X10T does not contain a protection circuit for the tweeter.The amp was the Redhead and it set the mood for a great line of combo amps to come.

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2002 – Aesthetic revision: navy blue grill to midnight blue grill; blue/red WM logo to black/silver embossed WM logo December, 2004 – Discontinued, upgraded to Working Pro 4x10 (p/n 4456200010) Features Front Slot Port Spring Loaded Rubber Grip Handles Midnight Blue Carpeting with Stack Lock Corners Vibration-Free Grill High Quality Metal Input Panel 1/4" In/Out Jacks Specifications Impedance: 8 ohms Power Handling Capacity: 400 Watts RMS Porting: Front/Bottom Slot Port Sensitivity: 100 d B SPL @ 1W1M Frequency Response: -3d B @ 50 Hz and 18k Hz Dimensions: 23"W x 25.25"H x 18.375"D Weight: 97 lbs.The normal (on) setting for this control is “FULL”.Setting the switch to the center position "-6d B" attenuates (lessens) the signal present at the tweeter by 6 decibels (or one half).1999 - Workingman's full line aesthetic revision (black/silver screen to navy/red screen).2002 - Workingman's full line aesthetic revision (navy/red screen to midnight blue/dome logo).2004 - Working Pro heads and cabs replace the Workingman's units.

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