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ceelo122 said, "That from that point on everything is done together 24/7.That we no longer have separate lives or feelings." Suffocation in a relationship is a real thing.The universe works like this: If you order a burger and it comes back with all this extra mayo slathered on it you have two choices.One, because you’re so hungry and don’t want to wait, you can eat the mayo infested burger (I really don’t like mayo).Nevertheless, they can confidently embrace the challenges of real relationships when they’re committed to what they want and understand why they want it.To balance their top 10 list, I require singles to review the issues below.

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We went back to his place and performed an ancient Hawaiian ritual, Ho’oponopono.

Or, you can send that burger back and get something even more delicious than the burger you originally wanted. This was my chance to send a message to the universe.

When you dive into the burger with extra mayo, mayo is going to continue showing up in your life. I thought I already had by writing my declaration, but this was the test to reaffirm my declaration. Tests are beautiful because they are a way for us know our strength and honor our truth.

Below are the qualities singles most often place in their top 10 list.

Empathy, kindness, respect, charisma, humor, playfulness, shared chemistry, good looks, physical fitness, spirituality, love of God, physical, emotional, and financial self-control, financial security, honesty, faithfulness, ability to be open, ability to ask for help, focus on family, desire to have children, motivation and drive, skills in social settings, awareness of other’s feelings, education, interest in learning, good commuication, availability, responsiveness, dependability, vulnerability, lifestyle compatability, shared long-term goals, mutual interests and hobbies, deep friendship, etc.

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