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But partly because FBI Director James Comey, in his unprecedented public explanation of that decision, called her “extremely careless,” Clinton was unable to shake suspicions that she did something wrong.Keep up with this story and more Now all eyes will be on how the candidate, with eight days left until the election, handles revelations that her most trusted aide left hundreds of thousands of emails—some believed to be related to her work with Clinton when she was secretary of state—on her husband’s laptop.His tweets can be controversial (see: his comments on Amber Rose and Bill Cosby) and confusing (like his revelation that he's million in debt), but many do offer constructive criticism of the fashion and music industries.West also used the Internet to shake up the idea of an album as we know it, treating his latest LP, The crown jewel of this graphic designer’s online empire, which also includes her popular lifestyle blog, is Pinterest, where Cho has 12.8 million followers.The casual setup is more intimate than a studio set, which encourages to guests let loose—and people to watch and share.So far, more than 85 million have watched his outing with Adele, in which the soulful singer wound up rapping along to a Nicki Minaj verse.Knowing that her dream was to meet Beyoncé, Ebony's friends set up a social media campaign using the hastag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE in the hope of attracting the singer's attention.Beyoncé facetiming with Ebony, a fan with a rare cancer disease whose wish was to meet Beyoncé 😭😭🤧❤️ ------------------------------------------------ "High school student Ebony Banks, who has stage four cancer, had her dream came true Wednesday when she received a Face Time call from her hero, Beyoncé.

Earlier this month, the school district held a special early graduation ceremony for Banks, whose nickname is “Ebob,” in the hospital.One day after tabloids revealed that Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, had sexted yet another picture of his junk in underwear to yet another female “friend” he’d never met, the long-suffering Hillary Clinton aide finally did something her boss never did—she announced in August that she was leaving her errant spouse.Their separation closed one avenue of attack for Donald Trump, who had made Weiner’s instability a talking point since before he won the Republican primary.Abedin has arguably been closer to Hillary Clinton than any other single person in the last 20 years.Her remarkable rise from girlhood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to lowly intern during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, to campaign vice chairman and possible White House chief of staff, remains one of the least understood and most intriguing aspects of Hillary Clinton’s organization.

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