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Oppa Saranghae Kids who seem like they've not yet read a single piece of science fiction yammering about what is moral and what is immoral, Si-Yoon will find his own success, he does his best on whatever he is doing, and don't go calling people you've never even met ugly just because you hate them, 15-year-olds or not, you keyboard warriors have a long way to before you're even capable of calling yourself true fans of anyone. Like , he's like 31 ya know, and like I can't believe that he like kisses someone, like now I can't even... I even told myself that I will conduct myself like him. What an amazing actor His level is pro he catches your attention & heart he support the other actors with his amazing skills he also makes your heart move.. Sweet and pure thats the touch he leaves on his characters .. And now we understand the Generational differences............ Yoon Si Yoon you are number ONE here in Kuwait and hope to see more of you in dramas and movies!!! kamsamida KBS for airing one of the very best drama we have ever seen!!! Yoon Si Woon THE BEST hey yoon i don like u no why becoz i don have words to express how much i luv the best korean celeb i' ve ever seen. pleas visit us u have lots of funs here but i'm ur #1 fan.....

I haven't watch the bread love dream or any of his drama (except for Prime Minister) but I grew fond of him. he also makes it clear how others acting is lousy in comparison... We are loving it.......are captured by the intense moments that happen to Kim Takgu......... And we have learned alot about the Korean ways.......have a greater understanding and respect....love the disciplined life except for when the not so step brother was hit by the grandmother that was wrong!!!! umm when u talk n talk while smile/laughing u really looks like DBSK's Xiah Junsu n your eyes too, love your eyes : D And your acting skill is really good, when u cry, it makes me cry too cos u really looks real : D Hwaiting!!

And we can't let that hot piece of meat kiss anyone like ever again. We 15 years olds needs our opas pure and virgin but with hot women near :) I really hope he gets better projects with better actors and a love interest that isn't hideous or too young for once! I'm disappointed and grossed out, I can't even bring myself to watch "romance full of life" and "best hit" has just been flat out unbearable! The only odd thing about it is that it's not because of the roles he has played but because of his charisma and character. I think you are very pretty bye Hi everyone I am American people and I watch this by interesting the their picture I look and sound good so I go ahead start watch that episode 1 and it touch my heart and I start hold this till I get my wife and I force her to watch those and she think it bored till few episode and she start cry and love it we continue watch till the end it awesome good actor and good facelift I respect that episode and we hate see end of season I wanna more I wonder there episode season 2 of bread love dream I wanna see what happend to tak gu and his funny face in pal bong bakery shop granddaughter of pal bong bakery factory and I wanna know what happend to step brother with his wife in the season 2 and more character in season 2 I give this show 5 stars let me know when there season 2 of those episode I am so excited have a wonderful night ( bow my head) bye Netflix is currently showing your program............. We are at the part where his birth mother and him passed each other in the clinic they were so close to each other............. Also there is a Korean Bakery next door every time we sit down to watch the show we want to run next door and get Korean pastries/bread...............

The women are all Asian, in ages ranging from roughly 23-50.

They either come from Asia or are residents in North American countries.

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