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There is no one book that will teach the repair of every machine.

One model directory that lists all the industrial machines available in the sixties in a vast Excel-type spreadsheet, gives only one line per machine – and still runs to 500 pages!

Many such manuals are available for free download from manufacturers.

Failing an Adjuster’s Manual, an exploded Parts Diagram will at least show what should be where.

Singer produced hundreds of domestic models and over a thousand (slightly) different industrials.

Mending sewing machines IS within the capabilities of most people.

There are over 160 pictures of New Home sewing machines in the Needle Bar Picture Library. 5 - Machine with a full Cabinet Case, Black Walnut, Oil Finished or Polished, as ordered.

While this page is being developed please refer to pictures and information from there: New Home Sewing Machines, the Johnson, Clark & Co Album and the Gold Medal Album. 4 - Highly Ornamented and has four drawers and drop leaf. The Machine and Case are finished in the Highest Style of the Art. The improved model was designed for family and light manufacturing purposes, sewing the lightest muslins to the heaviest cloth.

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