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Some are Alverez, Epiphone or Ibanez but they seem to be mostly identical, possibly made by the same craftsmen. Fujigen certainly made/makes Ibanez and Epiphone,and many, many other brands you must have heard of.

I am not certain they also made Alvarez - I ordinarily think of that line being made in Korea, but I'm not sure.

フジゲン 楽器 is a musical instrument manufacturer based at Matsumoto in Japan and is named after the famous Mount Fuji.

Gen means stringed instruments and Gakki means musical instrument - the name is literally translated to "Fuji Stringed Musical Instruments".

The earliest Orville models had serial numbers on stickers, while the later models were inked on.

The different serial number schemes are described below and observed examples are given.

In the 1960s and 1980s Sadao Yairi, made guitars under the S. Alvarez Yairi guitars are handmade in the same factory as K.

I notice Alverez and more notably Yairi are not included. Yairi are marketed under a few names in the US: Yairi & Sons, Kohno, Shelly, and Wilson are some of the names.

I have a 1978 Alverez Yairi and it is a phenomenal guitar. They also build guitars for other labels like Alvarez and in the 80-90's for the Irish George Lowden.

Fuji Gen does OEM guitar manufacturing for well known guitar brands and they also manufacture their own brands of guitars such as Heartfield and Fg N.

Fuji Gen started production in 1960, making violins and classical guitars.

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