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There's no way that the few of us can possibly write scripts for all of the extra applications that users want to have, so we depend on YOU to help us out.If there's some application that you use, and we don't have it in our repository already, please consider writing a build script for it and submitting it to us for possible inclusion - see the Submissions page.It allows one to search slackware mirrors and third party sources for packages, compare them with installed packages, install new packages, or upgrade all installed packages. Files: slapt-update-service is a DBus service which notifies about package updates available via slapt-get and gslapt.slapt-update-service places an icon in the user's notification area when updates are available. It will *replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed! Applications 17.12 will no longer ship anything based on kdelibs4.What is the NEWS in this batch of updates: - Plasma was updated to 5.10.3 bugfix release, see https://org/announcements/plasma-5.10.3.Upgrading from the previous 5_17.06 is straight-forward.KDE-5_17.07 is meant to be installed on top of Slackware 14.2.

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Slpkg works in accordance with the standards of the organization to builds packages.

This works, but introduces another set of problems associated with managing those applications; version updates and such require more of the admin's time than precompiled packages, and lack of notes will often mean that the admin forgot which configure flags were used earlier (as well as any other special issues encountered).

In our opinion, the best solution to this problem is for the admin to automate the compile process using a Slack Build script.

I used a git snapshot of the upcoming KDE Frameworks 5 based version. All of these can be found in my regular package repository.

slapt-get is an APT like system for Slackware package management.

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