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Despite this, Sally also knows she'll never find love if she doesn't put herself out there, so when Neeta finds out that an LGBT speed dating event is being held at Nightingale's, she reluctantly agrees to go.These brand new spoiler pictures show Neeta getting Sally ready for the big night ahead, but it's soon time for Sally to go solo as she gets to know the other attendees.In the near future – or perhaps an alternate version of the present – those without a soulmate are despatched to a grand hotel in the countryside where they have 40 days to rectify the situation by engaging in a high-stakes version of speed-dating with the other residents, or else they’ll be turned into an animal of their choosing and released into the wild.Navigating his way through this bizarre scenario is architect Colin Farrell; submitting to the cruel rituals of hotel manager Olivia Colman with deadpan resignation, he takes some consolation in her opinion that his animal of choice, a lobster, is an “excellent choice.”With The Lobster (an Irish co-production largely filmed in Kerry), Yorgos Lanthimos modulates the abrasive absurdity of his earlier Dogtooth and Alps resulting in a highly original, frequently hilarious film with much to say about our self-inflicted pressures to conform to social norms. The Lighthouse cinema pulls out the stops every Valentine’s day.

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Sally (Annie Wallace) has been single throughout her whole time in the village and it's clear that she wants something more in her life when she looks through a lonely hearts column.

Belfast is a small place after all and not all your exes are necessarily pleased to see you, especially within the claustrophobic confines of a speed dating encounter. When I blithely offered to attend the QFT’s rather spiffy movie-themed singles night on behalf of , none of these rather dreadful propositions occurred.

As the hour drew ever closer, however, the creeping sense of existential dread took over.

Be sure to sign the name-list in the reception are.

Here’s a link to a ridiculous video offering some ideas of what questions you can ask during your 5 minutes.

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