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Spence is currently working with University of Toronto cyborg super-prof Steve Mann, whose own work has dealt with “sousveillance“—a term he coined to describe the act of first-person video recording, in opposition to the ubiquity of CCTV surveillance cameras.

Or, as Spence puts it, “everyone is always filming us…so who’s got the undersight for all this oversight?

” The two have been working away furiously in the lab to develop a prosthetic eye that will contain a wireless video camera and they’re now two months away from their first prototype.

Provided all goes well, Spence plans on using it to shoot a film dealing with the intersection of surveillance and humanity he’s developing with the National Film Board of Canada. In addition to the challenges of building a mini-camera into a fake eye, documenting the entire process, and working to produce a film at the end of it all, he has had to deal with the unlikely event of a second eyeless artist coming out of the woodwork and seeking to develop her own eye cam (drama! Tanya Vlach lost her eye in a car crash in 2005 and posted a challenge for a working eye cam to engineers on her blog.

“This is a very fair decision from the court,” Jianhui Liu said through a translator outside the downtown Toronto courthouse.

A lone male driver trawls along the curb, slows his car and stops., a global internet site associated with New York City's Village Voice, features classified ads from hundreds of cities around the world.

It's a hot, dry September afternoon in Liberty Village, a neighbourhood in south-west Toronto, and a dozen or so men form a circle on a playing field. Some look like athletes, with pronounced pecs and bandy legs, while others are just big blokes in shorts, the kind of looming, slightly doughy units you bounce off in five-a-side football. These men — former college football linebackers, amateur rugby union enthusiasts, miscellaneous sporty types with a pair of boots and a free Saturday afternoon — have all responded to an ad announcing open tryouts for a new professional rugby league team, the Toronto Wolfpack. If you're not, it just sounds like a really terrible idea.

They're drenched in sweat and every one has that helpless, glassy-eyed expression you only see in people very near exhaustion. The more romantic answer, however, is they want to make history. And if your initial reaction is the latter, then you are not alone."When I read about it in the papers, I immediately thought 'That's a stupid idea, that will never work,'" says Bob Beswick, the former Wigan Warriors, Widnes Vikings and Leigh Centurions hooker.

The Crown argued Dickson deliberately murdered Liu to keep her silent after he forced his way into her apartment and sexually assaulted her.

The defence countered that Dickson is only guilty of manslaughter because he killed Liu unintentionally as she resisted his sexual advances around 1 a.m. Dickson’s plea to manslaughter at the start of the trial was rejected by the Crown.

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