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Though I've been Windows-free and using various Linux distros for four years now, I still work more in GUI than CLI, and in my view the fundamental structure of Ubuntu is sound, adaptable, reasonably stable, and easy to shape into a form one likes.

You just have to dig down one layer below the Unity desktop to do it.

The solution took some hunting down, but it’s simple to implement.

Just pop open the terminal (either on the server, or SSH into it from another machine), and follow these instructions: *UPDATE: Please be aware that the resolution you choose needs to be a standard VESA 4:3 or 5:4 resolution.

I have used "desktop sharing" from an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine running gnome fallback.

However, I am not having any luck with the same approaches on Ubuntu Mate 14.04. In fact, several hits refer back to a similar question which I posted on linuxquestions last year - before Mate became an "official" Ubuntu flavor. TIA, Ken The reason you had those remote desktop applications in the other desktop environments is because they were packaged by your distribution to be included.

All server-based services happily start, but the OS doesn’t seem to load the UI or any applications that are designed to launch once the user logs in.

Here is a list of Ubuntu remote desktop clients you can install: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Clients For a VNC client to connect, you must have a VNC server running.

Here is the documentation for that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers Thanks mralk3 but I am after the server functionality, not the client.

I finish connected and I'm presented with a view of the desktop in Ubuntu. I verified this by having the machines side-by-side.

From the laptop it appears I can't select or do anything. The mouse events are being and as a result I can't manipulate the contents of the Ubuntu screen; its just that the screen updates either aren't being sent back to the laptop or they are but Screen Sharing isn't updating.

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