Updating google voice on new phone

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Hangouts will ring by default in addition to any forwarding phones on your account, just as it did before.

(Again, not a change with the new app.) We are working on Vo IP integration.

While notable, Monday’s update of Google Voice was basically just a Material redesign that lacked any new major functionality.

The promise of “regular updates” is more significant, and Google has confirmed to us that one of those upcoming features is Vo IP integration.

Sorry, it looks like we must have dialed the wrong number! We’re working on some updates to Google Voice right now.

We have you on speed dial and we’ll be sure to share what we’ve been up to just as soon as we can.

The compose button is located at the bottom right corner of the screen on Android devices.

Note that if you go into the Phone Voicemail settings you'll see that it still doesn't give you an option to select Google Voice, but you'll also notice that it appears as if the only setting it now shows (Carrier) is not selected either, so the setting is retained even though you can't select it with the newer Google Voice installed. Hopefully Google doesn't do something to make at least this stop working, and how in the world is there not more complaints about this behavior?

Up to now, Voice features have been predominantly used through Hangouts on Android.

While that service can continue to be used, Google encourages switching over to the new Voice apps for Android, i OS, and the web for new functionality in the future: Going forward, we’ll provide new updates and features to the Google Voice apps.

If you currently use Hangouts for your Google Voice communication, there’s no need to change to the new apps, but you might want to try them out as we continue to bring new improvements.

At the moment, the switch comes with one notable downside.

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