Updating line 6 workbench

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Workbench HD also lets you select any Variax pickup model and use it with the natural tone and response of your physical James Tyler Variax guitar—or blend the Variax HD signal with the magnetic pickup sound to create hybrid instruments.

Since the system process the strings separately, it can model the effects that one string of a target emulation might cause on another.

Variax is the name of a line of guitars developed and marketed by Line 6.

They differ from typical electric and acoustic guitars in that internal electronics process the sound from individual strings to model (replicate) the sound of specific guitars and other instruments.

The maker claims it is the first guitar family that can emulate the tones of other notable electric and acoustic guitars. The Variax is currently available as an electric guitar, but modeling acoustic guitars and modeling electric bass guitars have been available in the past.

Each model comes in a US-made or Korean-made version.

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